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SARMS: Den kraftigste SARMS i YK 11-historien

SARMS: Den kraftigste SARMS i YK 11-historien

December 02,2018

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Siden fremveksten av kroppsbygging på 1900-tallet har forskere brukt nye metoder for å øke menneskelig muskelmasse, og forskere mener at måten å oppnå fantastiske nivåer av muskler på hovedsakelig er gjennom bruk av anabole steroider. Selv om disse stoffene er svært effektive, oppnår de alle sin effekt gjennom injeksjon av fremmede hormoner. Mens steroider øker muskelmassen, kan de ha mange bivirkninger. Hva om man ønsket å oppnå lignende resultater uten bivirkningene? Dette er nå mulig med en SARM kalt YK-11.

1. Hva er sarms YK11 ?

YK-11 kan være den kraftigste muskelbyggingsforbindelsen på hele planeten, kanskje dette er en arrogant påstand, men jeg vil støtte det dypt, YK-11 er den sterkeste SARM for å bygge muskelmasse. Mens andre SARM fungerer ved å målrette mot androgenreseptorer (AR) i kroppen, er YK-11 faktisk en anti-myostatinhemmer.

Når det gjelder myostatin, har nyere vitenskapelig forskning vist at den hellige gral for å bygge muskler er å bekjempe myostatin. Før YK 11 kom på markedet, brukte farmasøytiske selskaper millioner på å prøve å finne ut hvordan de skulle oppnå denne bragden.


1. Professor E. Paul Zehr fra Canada påpekte at ved å fjerne effekten av "Myostatin" kan muskelen dobles til sin opprinnelige størrelse.

2. At present, there are two proteins known to humans, which respectively control the size and quantity of muscles: "Myostatin" and "Activin A".

3. The protein "myostatin" in the human body restricts muscle growth, and "activin A" restricts muscle differentiation to increase the number. Without them, humans will grow stronger than they are now, but in the medium and long term there will be What impact is not clear.

2. Research by Kanno et al.:

Most SARMs have very limited side effects of masculinization, but their synthetic ability is far inferior to that of testosterone. However, Kanno et al. published in Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin in 2013 that YK-11 is different from other SARMs. They use C2C12 Muscle cells were tested (rather than laboratory animals or humans), and it was found that exposure of muscle cells to 500nmol (nanomol) of YK-11v produced a greater synthetic capacity than exposure to 500nmol of DHT.

YK-11 will induce muscle cells to produce more follistatin (follistatin), more than DHT, follistatin is a potent myostatin inhibitor ((myostatin inhibitor), in this phenomenon, YK-11 can be just as good as testosterone for muscle strengthening, but minus many of the unpleasant side effects

3. What is myostatin? Why inhibit the development of muscle mass?

Myostatin is a muscle protein found in the body and is a member of the transforming growth factor-β superfamily. According to recent research, myostatin mainly plays a role in negative regulation of muscle size in muscle cells, but it is by triggering Muscle atrophy, or inhibit muscle growth to achieve the purpose of regulation, the mechanism is not yet clear.

Unless you have a rare disease, you have a lot of myostatin in your body. Even hours of heavy listening and a clean diet will not reach your limit without lowering myostatin levels in the body.

This is why YK-11 is so exciting, it can significantly reduce the amount of myostatin in the body. See what happens to cows born with myostatin deficiency: YK-11 can literally revolutionize your physique in ways never before possible.

Note: There is also a related product (Myo X) of myostatin inhibitors in the fitness industry, which claims that as long as it is taken continuously for 12 weeks, you can gain 8 pounds of lean muscle.

YK 11 fordeler

4. YK 11 dosage :

Regarding the Cycle of YK-11, 10 mg per day is a good start for most users and it is recommended to split its dosage, i.e. 5 mg in the morning and 5 mg in the evening. This SARM has a short half-life, so take it twice a day for best results. Of course, I have seen someone use the highest dose of 25 mg per day, and he also has significant muscle mass progress.

Regarding the use of this Cycle, the suggestions are as follows:

Weeks 1 to 4: 5 mg in the morning and 5 mg in the evening.

Weeks 5-8: Increase daily dose to 15 mg, 5 mg in the morning, 5 mg pre-workout, 5 mg in the evening Weeks 8-12 (optional): Increase dose again to 20 mg daily. Take 5 mg in the morning, 10 mg before exercise, and 5 mg in the evening.

5. Is YK-11 suitable for bulking or cutting?

One of the reasons this SARM is so popular is that it is very versatile and can be used for both purposes, but a lower dose is recommended during fat loss when your goal is to stay as lean as possible while losing fat. More muscle mass. If you are gaining muscle, you can evaluate your tolerance. If you feel comfortable, you can increase it to 20 mg per day. At the same time, many users also like to use it in combination with LGD 4033.

6. YK 11 sarm benefits :

What effects can be achieved using YK-11? It depends on many factors, the most pertinent is your training and diet, another is the dosage you use, if your average dosage is 10 mg per day, the following can be expected:

1. Muscle-building phase: It is very possible to gain 10 pounds of muscle in 8 weeks, and with good diet control and high protein intake, there will be almost no accumulation of fat.

2. Fat-reducing period: reduce the total calorie intake below 500-1000 calories of TDEE, gain 5-10 pounds of muscle and lose 5-10 pounds of fat at the same time.

7. YK 11  side effects :

Another nice thing about this SARM is that it doesn't have steroids or other side effects that are common in SARMs with large side effects, not only does it not have the risk of hair loss, gynocomastia aka man boobs, and it doesn't suppress the gonads. Some people get diarrhea from taking YK-11, which is the worst thing I've ever heard, but compared to the side effects of steroids, it's almost tolerable.

8. Frequently asked questions:

1. Do I need to do PCT to use YK-11?

No, YK-11 will not shut down the body's own testosterone secretion, and post-PCT cycle therapy is not required after use.

2. Can YK11 be stacked with LGD 4033 or Test?

Yes, it is very popular to stack YK-11 with LGD 4033, and of course it can be stacked with Test E, the main benefit of YK-11 is that it stacks well with other steroids and drugs.

3. Will YK-11 cause gyno?

Absolutely not, YK-11 or any other SARMs will not convert to estrogen, so gynecomastia will not occur.

4. Is YK-11 safe? Yes, it is very safe to use responsibly, just drink plenty of water, monitor your body well to make sure there are no adverse reactions, stop taking this and all other SARMs immediately and see a doctor if you feel something is wrong.

9. YK 11 reviews

YK-11 is a great drug for people who want to gain strength, muscle mass and muscle separation, it is very safe, widely available, and the dosage is easy to use, it can also be used alone or with it Sports medicine makes a good stack.

Lifetimesteroids Team

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